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Fantastic Four #12 cover re-creation
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Mary Jane & Spider-Man
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Hanna Barbera by Alex Ross
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Batgirl's new creative team is taking her down a lighter path, but not one without obstacles
“It’s incredible. I mean, more than anything, it’s validating because this was sort of a controversial way to handle it and change it, and change it from something that was fairly dark and somber and take it 180 degrees the other direction to make it light,” Stewart said. “I think we were all confident it was going to get a good response, but I think we thought maybe it would get more like a golf clap like an ‘Oh, very good, very nice,’ but instead it’s been this tidal wave of support, and it’s incredibly validating.”
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Don’t forget to PREORDER Batgirl #35 at your local comic shop TODAY!  If you haven’t already, please tell your retailer that you want - need - a copy of Batgirl #35.  
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